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Captain Corelli's Mandolin

By Louis de Bernières

Tickets: From £8.90 to £20.40

Director: Levan Tsuladze

Cast includes: Tony Casement, Roger Delves-Broughton, Gus Gallagher, Natalie Kakhidze, Mike Maran

A Mercury Theatre Company and Kote Marjanishvili Theatre, Tbilisi in association with NFA International Arts and Culture production.

Director Levan Tsuladze
Puppets by Nino Namicheishvili
Music by Vakhtang Kakhidze

A wonderful story of laughter and tears, life and death, love, coffee and a goat.

The date is 1941. War has engulfed the beautiful Greek island of Cephalonia and Mussolini’s Italian forces invade. Amid the chaos an unlikely love story starts to blossom.

Betrothed to another man, Pelagia’s life veers from the traditional when mischievous Italian Captain Corelli wins her over with his music, benevolence and zest for life. But can their love survive when the Italians are replaced by a German occupation?

Company actors Tony Casement, Roger Delves-Broughton and Gus Gallagher are joined in this exciting international co-production by leading Georgian actor Natuka Kakhidze, Mike Maran and seven puppeteers, who operate scores of beautiful character puppets to bring you this version of Louis de Bernières’ extraordinarily moving modern classic.

Past Performances

Wed 2 Nov 7:30pm From £8.90 to £20.40
Thu 3 Nov 2:00pm From £8.90 to £20.40
Thu 3 Nov 7:30pm From £8.90 to £20.40
Fri 4 Nov 7:30pm From £8.90 to £20.40
Sat 5 Nov 2:30pm From £8.90 to £20.40
Sat 5 Nov 7:30pm From £8.90 to £20.40
Mon 7 Nov 7:30pm From £8.90 to £20.40
Tue 8 Nov 7:30pm From £8.90 to £20.40
Wed 9 Nov 7:30pm From £8.90 to £20.40
Thu 10 Nov 2:00pm From £8.90 to £20.40
Thu 10 Nov 7:30pm From £8.90 to £20.40
Fri 11 Nov 7:30pm From £8.90 to £20.40
Sat 12 Nov 2:30pm From £8.90 to £20.40
Sat 12 Nov 7:30pm From £8.90 to £20.40

the story’s charm shines through like the Mediterranean sun

Daily Mail

a delightful adaptation that makes the phrase little people theatrically tangible in an eye-opening way

Daily Telegraph

an inspiring production; thought provoking, entertaining and challenging

The Colchester Circle

The individual personalities shine through and those lucky enough to have tickets will not forget what they have seen

Colchester Gazette

Collaborations and joint ventures are familiar features of our theatrical landscape in these hard times, but few are so adventurous, or as enchanting, as this Captain Corelli

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