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Glemham Hall

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The huge 16th-18th century house and its owner, Philip Hope-Cobbold, are equally exuberant – a double wow factor. As is the haunted staircase and fine 200-acre park designed by Repton and known for its ancient oaks. The whole estate was bought by the Cobbold brewing family in the early 20th century.

Tour approx 2 hours, £15 including tea, coffee, squash, cakes and biscuits except where otherwise indicated in the calendar.

Please note a change from the date advertised in the brochure: The tour on Saturday 6th September has been moved to Sunday 7th September 2014.

BOOKING CONDITIONS Bookings can only be confirmed when full payment has been received. For security, we will need your name and address and a contact telephone number. Please give a mobile number if possible in case the tour is cancelled at the last minute (eg. due to illness). Because these properties are old and fragile, unfortunately we cannot include children under 14. If you have to cancel your visit, please give a minimum of five working days’ notice. You will be offered a credit to be used at a later date or you can exchange your tickets for another tour within the same calendar year. Occasionally tours may be cancelled, in which case a full refund will be given. Photography is only allowed with permission of the owners.
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Glemham Hall

  • Glemham Hall, Little Glemham, Woodbridge, IP13 0BT, Suffolk, United Kingdom