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Arts and Crafts house by E.S. Prior for Percy Lloyd 1903-5. ‘Violently idiosyncratic … reminiscent of Gaudi,’ Pevsner. Restored by rare book dealer, Simon Finch over six years to fulfil his loves of architecture, art and books. Winner of Country Life/Savills 2011 ‘most favourite house’ in the East of England.

Tour approx 2 hours, £18 including tea or coffee with cake and biscuits.

BOOKING CONDITIONS Bookings can only be confirmed when full payment has been received. For security, we will need your name and address and a contact telephone number. Please give a mobile number if possible in case the tour is cancelled at the last minute (eg. due to illness). Because these properties are old and fragile, unfortunately we cannot include children under 14. If you have to cancel your visit, please give a minimum of five working days’ notice. You will be offered a credit to be used at a later date or you can exchange your tickets for another tour within the same calendar year. Occasionally tours may be cancelled, in which case a full refund will be given. Photography is only allowed with permission of the owners.
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Past Performances

Wed 11 Apr 2:30pm
Wed 16 May 10:30am
Wed 16 May 2:30pm
Wed 27 Jun 10:30am
Wed 27 Jun 2:30pm
Tue 10 Jul 10:30am
Tue 10 Jul 2:30pm
Wed 8 Aug 10:30am
Wed 8 Aug 2:30pm
Tue 11 Sep 10:30am
Tue 11 Sep 2:30pm
Wed 24 Apr 10:30am
Wed 24 Apr 2:30pm
Wed 15 May 10:30am
Wed 15 May 2:30pm
Wed 19 Jun 10:30am
Wed 19 Jun 2:30pm
Wed 17 Jul 10:30am
Wed 17 Jul 2:30pm
Wed 21 Aug 10:30am
Wed 21 Aug 2:30pm
Wed 25 Sep 10:30am
Wed 25 Sep 2:30pm
Wed 23 Oct 10:30am
Wed 23 Oct 2:30pm
Wed 23 Apr 10:30am
Wed 23 Apr 2:30pm
Wed 21 May 10:30am
Wed 21 May 2:30pm
Wed 11 Jun 10:30am
Wed 11 Jun 2:30pm
Wed 16 Jul 10:30am
Wed 16 Jul 2:30pm
Wed 6 Aug 10:30am
Wed 6 Aug 2:30pm
Wed 17 Sep 10:30am
Wed 17 Sep 2:30pm
Wed 15 Oct 10:30am
Wed 15 Oct 2:30pm
Wed 12 Nov 10:30am
Wed 12 Nov 2:30pm
Wed 17 Dec 10:30am
Wed 17 Dec 2:30pm


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