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Last week at the Mercury Theatre - Top Girls dominates online discussion

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Top Girls continues at a pace this week. This thinking woman’s play written in the 1980s has resulted in many a post show debate with Top Girls having the ‘marmite effect’ on our audience members. With online chatter thick and fast Gail F wrote “this is a fine production of a very important play” and Ken Runicles shared that view “Clever stuff”, but worried if it had “limited appeal for Colchester main stage”. Not for Sam Taylor Cole it seems, as he added “I would recommend it to anyone who likes to be challenged and leave the theatre feeling happily uncomfortable as there is so much to think about and discuss.”

The Halstead Gazette stood firm that Top Girls is a fun night at the theatre. “Caryl Churchill’s vehement 80s view of feminism still has the power to shock. But & this is a big but, Gari Jones’ taut direction ensures that this production is also informative & entertaining”

Top Girls runs until next Saturday (17 Nov).

Last night saw Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi take to the Mercury Studio Theatre, in a play inspired by the summer Olympics. Against the backdrop of the 1936 and 2012 games, this play centres around the sport Kabaddi and family members wrestling to win favour. Our Mercury Studio Theatre will continue to host exciting work from the Indian Subcontinent this November with music pieces Indian Dimensions (Sat 17 Nov 7.45pm) and Jugnu Bhangra (Sat 24 Nov 7.45pm).

The marketing team are busy working to get the new 2013 brochure to the printers ahead of our launch on 22 November.

We’re also getting word that our long-lost Lion Hat has been spotted (see our news story dated 27 Sep), reports are still sketchy but it seems the King of the Jungle may have stowed away where he didn’t belong… But the mane thing is the pride of our props department will soon be back with us without a moments paws.

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