Global Enhancers

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Fri 21 August 2020
45 minutes

Please note, this multiplatform experience starts on Facebook and continues to Zoom.

Global Enhancers. Your Life. Upgraded.

Take your life back into your own hands. The Enhancer – your life, upgraded.

A coffee with your friends. A night out at a concert. A spontaneous all inclusive trip to the Maldives. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

Global enhancers introduces the new ‘enhancer’, a simple chip inserted into the body that takes you on a journey through your desires, wants and dreams. Everything you want to do you now can from the comfort of your own home with the technologically advanced Enhancer. A VR experience like no other.

Global Enhancers invites you to explore the new world unlocked inside a simple human mind. Do what you want to do, when you want to do it. But with exciting new experiences comes ‘minor’ consequences.

What journey will you take?

Leaked Theatre are the remains of the dystopian class of 2020 graduates from East 15 Acting School BA World Performance. Their agenda is to frustrate you, disappoint you and most importantly recruit you for the takeover.

Cast and Creatives

Isabella Michaelidou – GE CEO
Sam Poole – Jeff Sterling/ I Noah Guy
Maisy Beth Crunden – Cathy Hill – Gold Tier Applicant
Ronja Sorjonen – Tammy – 6 Nation Host
Emily Croft – Emily Harris – GE Brand Ambassador
Verity Sharpe – Dior Ube – GE Head of Marketing
Melanie Müller – Sarah Chapman – Influencer / The Mysterious Voice
Irina Anghel – Circe Crestwood – Poet
Jasmine Hodgson – Robyn Drew – GE Customer
Sophia Dear – Athena Teenie Pops – Influencer
Matthew Laidlaw – Jasper Klein – Freelance Journalist
Giorgios Gavridis – Jimmy – YouTube Artist and Singer-Songwriter
Joe Pollard – Momus
(Charlene Roots – Claire Heely – GE Intern- as appeared in the original performance)

Devised by a company of East 15 BA World Performance 3rd Years, Performed and Developed by Leaked Theatre

Video Editing: The Cast
Website Design: Sam Poole, Ronja Sorjonen, Joe Pollard and sVerity Sharpe
Poster Design: Irina Anghel
Composer: Maisy Beth Crunden
Graphic Design: Isabella Michaelidou
Original Song (Wake Up): Giorgios Gavridis
Trailer: Ronja Sorjonen

Facebook: Global Enhancers
Instagram: @global_enhancers

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