How To – Approach Queer Performances

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Showing on:
Mon 22 February 2021
1 hour 30 mins
Mercury Online
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Join East based LGBTQ+ performance artists Leah Kirby and Alice d’Lumiere as they share tips and tricks on their creative processes.

In this session, participants will learn How to:
– Approach sharing their identity on stage
– Develop techniques for interrogating LGBTQ+ themes
– Construct their own performances

Participants will also have the opportunity to gain a taste of Leah and Alice’s work as well as ask any questions that may arise.

Spaces are FREE but limited, so must be booked in advance.

Leah Kirby / Cyro is a writer and drag artist who explores socioeconomic & political issues through non-traditional formats. They dissect their practice and techniques when it comes to building drag performance around the black trans experience. They also examine how to consider mental care when delving into art that centres ‘honouring your anger’ and voicing underrepresented narratives through queer art. They are currently focussed on creating art that incites change and incorporates non-western techniques.

Alice d’Lumiere, Spoken Word Artist, Poet and occasional Magician, has been a regular performer on the East Anglian arts scene for some years. Alice is gender fluid with a birth gender of male, but she exists both socially and professionally in both genders. Alice’s approach to creating performance can be deeply personal; occasionally provocative, but always playful, sometimes silly and fundamentally celebratory. She is fascinated by questions of identity and perception and likes to explore these areas by challenging herself to learn unlikely performance skills and invite audiences into her eccentric adventures.

This session is aimed at LGBTQ+ theatre makers or artists who are looking at developing their own performances and interested in seeing how other LGBTQ+ creators explore, play with, and develop their work.

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