James and the Giant Peach

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Fri 7 August 2015
Sun 30 August 2015
£22.50 – £10 and discounts
Mercury Main Theatre

After James spills a bag of magic on an old peach tree, he watches in amazement as the tree grows a peach so humongous it’s almost as big as a house! Inside this magical peach James meets the best (and most unusual!) friends a boy could have – five larger than life garden bugs!

Together, James and his new-found friends roll away in the enchanted peach and set out on the adventure of a lifetime. And the best part? You’re coming too!

The action spills out into the audience as you’re carried away by James and his pals in this fantastic summer holiday treat. Join us for a transatlantic voyage from the White Cliffs of Dover all the way to the Empire State Building.

Magical and musical, this stage adaptation of Roald Dahl’s juicy tale is directed by Matthew Cullum, whose production of Friend or Foe was a big hit with Mercury audiences last year. It’s sure to put big smiles on the faces of adults and children alike.

Fantastic for Families

James Le Lacheur HEADSHOT 1

James Le Lacheur


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Pete Ashmore


Josie Dunn HEADSHOT 1

Josie Dunn

Miss Spider

Dale Superville HEADSHOT 2 1

Dale Superville

Centipede / Aunt Sponge

Kate Adams HEADSHOT 1 1

Kate Adams


Matthew Rutherford HEADSHOT 1

Matthew Rutherford

Earthworm / Aunt Spiker

Barbara Hockaday HEADSHOT 2

Barbara Hockaday

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A sure-fire summer holiday success

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