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Bibbidy Bloggidy Boo!

Posted 20th Nov 19

Cinderella is fast approaching promising magic, fun and laughter for all of the family. To celebrate we sat down for a chat with our very own Fairy Godmother who told us all about Christmas, her credentials and of course spilling the beans on her favourite (and not so favourite) princesses…

Where did you train to be a fairy godmother?

Oooh well, I trained at the famous University of Supernatural Studies in the Caribbean where I got my Masters in Magic. I did an exchange year which brought me to beautiful Colchester. I fell in love with the place and decided to stay and bestow a bit of sparkle on the town. Us fairies are keen cultural anthropologists!

 Tell us a time when a spell went drastically wrong?

I am a fairy professional and pride myself on my quality assured spells. However, there was one time the Duchess of Ipswich demanded I give her  “a fat bank account and a skinny tummy”. I got the two things mixed up! Silly me! Though she did go on to win “Slimmer of the Year”. Eventually.

Who is the favourite princess you’ve worked with?

It’s got to be Snow White for sure. Lovely girl, very positive and hard working . Loves to bake. Though I do give her Red Apple Cake a miss! Hahaha!

Which client was the biggest diva?

Princess Sarah of the Western Isles with all the pea nonsense. That bruise from sleeping on a dried pea? Do me a favour! That was a bedspring sticking out! Though she still lived happily ever after so anything’s possible, even for a diva.

If you could have one wish come true what would it be?

That everyone in the world would be happy and believe in themselves. Then they’d create their own magic and I could retire to my private island.


Our Fairy Godmother (Deborah Tracey) and her delightful Sprites (Ashley Runeckles & Samuel Knight) in rehearsals 


What do you want for Christmas?

Father Christmas and I are very good friends and I’ve been a VERY good fairy this year so I’m sure I’ll get the magical flying high-topped trainers I asked for.

What is your favourite Christmas film?

“Elf” of course! Most of my cousins are in that film. Buddy is a charming man. Followed by “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Every time a bell rings, angels and fairies get their wings so that movie is a wonderful reminder to get ringing folks!

If you weren’t a fairy godmother, what would you want to be?

Well, I’d just be a regular fairy you see. The job market is a little limited for the fairy community. So I’d be frolicking in woodland or at the bottom of gardens with no clothes on like the imps and pixies. Not a bad career choice but I like being ambitious (and clothed.)

What are you most looking forward to this Christmas?

Oh that’s easy, sharing lots of Christmas joy, peace and hugs with everyone. I want everyone to have a dream come true this Christmas. Oh, and enjoying a pumpkin spiced latte and a slice of festive pumpkin pie. Because I do LOVE pumpkins!


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Posted By Rhianna Howard

Rhianna is a Senior Marketing Officer at the Mercury.


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