Mercury announces Summer New Talent Festival

New Talent Festival welly logo low res

Our summer New Work Festival will be running across 3 weeks from Monday 19 June – Sunday 9 July. Watch this space for a full schedule of events and how to book!

Week One: To start off the festivities, the 2016-17 cohort of the Early Career Training Programme present a selection of scratch pieces created through workshops earlier that week.

Week Two: Winner of the 2016 Essex Playwriting Competition, Kenny Emson, hosts a reading of his new play, The Piscator. Set against the changing landscape of rural Essex, The Piscator explores family, commercialism and carp fishing. It considers how an obsession can take over your life, and how the things we take for granted can so quickly disappear. This week, you can also attend a recording of the BBC Essex Radio Playwriting competition’s winning play.

Week Three: We stage professional readings of the shortlisted and winning scripts from the Mercury Playwriting Prize, as well as readings of scripts submitted by Essex University students.

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