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Behind the scenes of Moll Flanders

This week, I will be sharing part of the behind the scenes journey of bringing Moll Flanders to life at the Mercury Theatre. Nick Perry’s unfaithful adaption of Moll Flanders premieres on Fri 28 Sep at 7.30pm and runs until Sat 13 Oct. I am Holly Hammond,…

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Snow White MEDIUM

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, it’s off to Panto we go!

Panto season is quickly approaching and we are full steam ahead here at the Mercury getting everything made, finished and ready to go for opening night on 25 Nov! Panto is one of the most exciting times here at the theatre…

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Making Armour for web

We speak to our splendid designer and wardrobe supervisor about the spectacular Spamalot costumes

MADE IN COLCHESTER SEASON 2017 Here at the Mercury our costumes and set are made almost entirely in house! We decided to talk to our Spamalot designer Sara Perks and costume supervisor Corinna Vincent about the many wonderful and vibrant…

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