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The Rules of Farce

Posted 17th Feb 17

What is it about farce that makes it so hilarious? We asked the Bang Bang cast and creatives to share their thoughts.

“If you start to unpick farce scientifically you are screwed.” (Nicky Henson, Director)

“DOORS!!!!” (Anna Orford, Assistant Director)

“It’s the only type of theatre where bumping into the furniture is positively encouraged!” (Richard Earl)

“Our job is to find the truth from which we may then depart – George Burns said: ‘In acting you have to be so truthful… if you can fake that you’re great!'” (Peter Bourke, Cassagne)

“Lindsay Anderson the film director once said: ‘The more exotic the idea, the more matter of fact we play it’. This, in a nutshell, is the essence of farce.” (Sarah Crowden, The Countess)

See Bang Bang, adapted by John Cleese, at the Mercury from 24 February – 11 March.

Posted By Amy Carbonero

Amy is the Mercury Theatre's Marketing Manager.


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