But what is a weir? The Weir Fri 8 – Sat 16 Sep

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But what is a weir? You may be asking yourself after flicking through our brochure and coming across the name of our next Made in Colchester – The Weir.

Simply, a weir is a barrier across the horizontal width of a river that alters the flow of the water. This usually results in a change in the height of the river level. There are many designs of a weir, but commonly water flows freely over the top of the weir crest before cascading down to a lower level (as pictured above).

In some locations the terms dam and weir are synonymous, but normally there is a clear distinction made between the structures. A dam is usually specifically designed to impound water behind a wall, whilst a weir is designed to alter the river flow characteristics.

You may be surprised to learn that our very own Colchester Castle Park has a weir of its own! The Middle Mill Weir is a historical site, said to be dated back to the Norman conquest. It’s located just past the Duck Pond and is an area of great natural beauty.

Our Weir is not so much about beautifully cascading water. Instead, as the title anticipates, the telling of stories and how these stories flow into one singular place to be told together. A symbolical weir.

As the friends shelter from the harsh weather of rural Ireland, a stranger walks in and darkly buried secrets begin to re-emerge.  A shadowy tale delving into the corner of human experience, The Weir is a co-production with English Touring Theatre.

The Weir, the winner of the 1997 Olivier Award for Best New Play, opens here at the Mercury on Friday 8th September. Then embarking on a UK tour in this, its 20th Anniversary Year.





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