Your Home is Your Stage

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Whilst parents are working remotely and children are virtually tasked by schools to learn from home, households across the country are having to adjust. But within these uncertain times many creative opportunities are arising and families are taking home creativity into their own hands.

Below are fun tasks for you and your child (ages 5-11) to engage in together and making opportunities for your children to express artistically with useful creative links into their curriculum. Let’s make your home your stage, if you have any more suggestions on creative tasks at home feel free to contact us on our social media channels using the hashtag #MercuryMakes.




Puppets date back from once again Ancient Greece from around 750BC!  The use of puppets in modern theatre has evolved greatly, from being made by a variety of materials to even puppets being controlled by creative technologies. In our 2018’s pantomime production of ‘Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs’ our Dwarfs were represented by 7 wonderfully designed puppets! Handled by our ensemble and junior chorus.

Curriculum Link! (Key Stage 1 & 2 English)

Try designing characters from one of your favourite books and retell the story with your puppet.

KS1 Fact!

Puppets were used in India back in the 11th century and quickly spread to other parts of Asia. They were used as tools to give morality stories a visual impact that could not be conveyed through words.

What you need

Scissors, cotton wool, card, fabric glue, elastic band and two socks.

Time : 20 minutes

Step by Step
  1. First grab your sock and tie the elastic band about two inches down from the tip. Stuff the sock with cotton to create the puppet’s head. Then stuff a smaller sock with cotton and fold the end to create a hat.
  2. Stuff the sock with cotton to create the puppet’s head. Then stuff a smaller sock with cotton and fold the end to create a hat.
  3. Place the smaller sock on top of the sock puppet to create the hat. Glue on white buttons (or colour card) and coloured in eyes with paper (or a pom-pom.) This will create the puppets eyes.
  4. Use a pom-pom to glue on a nose.
  5. Take a piece of red card then cut out a small oval and fold it in half then glue it into the heel of the sock to create a mouth.
  6. Finally put your hand into your puppet and use the mouth to handle your puppet.Get creative with various designs!
Follow a useful video link here




Masks continue to be an effective performance tool for storytelling. This form of theatre dates back all the way to ancient Greece. Today many reputable theatre companies use this famous theatrical tool to create recognised work. In 2018 Mercury Theatre co-produced ‘A Brave Face’ with leading mask theatre company Vamos Theatre focusing on the themes of post-traumatic stress within serving Soldiers in Modern War.

Curriculum Link! (Key Stage 2 History)

Why not look at Ancient Greek Masks and create a tragedy or comedy mask.

Key Stage 2 Fact!

The first known Greek writer and performer was named Thespis (hence the synonym “thespian” for actors) and he wore a mask, thus setting a trend for centuries to come.

What You Need

Card, string, stapler, scissors, pen.

Time: 20 minutes

Step by Step
  1. First step is to take a piece or A4 paper and fold it in half. With a pen draw a nose in the centre on the folded edge. Continue by adding an eye, eyebrow and half a smile or frown!
  2. Then with your scissors cut from the folded side into the lines of your face. Once you’ve cut into the face, unfold your paper.
  3. What you should have how is a symmetrical face. Now fold open the nose, eye, eyebrows and mouth. Or feel free to cut them open.
  4. Next on one side of the paper cut one side of the face to make to mask shape.
  5. Fold the paper in half again and cut the outline of the mask shape to keep the mask symmetrical.
  6. Finally unfold your mask and grab your string. Staple the string either side of the centre edge of the mask. Then you’re ready to go!
Follow a useful video link here


We would love to see the puppet and mask you’ve made. Why not ask an adult to post it on their social media using the hashtag #MercuryMakes or send an email to


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