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Duality is a LimboTech experimental motion captured audio visulisation, featuring an electronic soundtrack by Jamie Pascoe and brought to life by the choreography of Amber Jarman-Crainey.

Producer: Jamie Weston
Jamie is a producer working with signals and as a freelancer creating a range of video, theatre and interactive media including VR, 360, Audio Narrative and Live streaming.

Director: Dave Norton
Dave is a Digital artist and workshop leader. Previous workshops have focused on unlocking the creative potential of Microbit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Scratch, Gamemaker Studio, Unreal Engine, Construct engine and Minecraft. His work has ranged from large scale
interactive installations at firstsite gallery and Landguard Fort to directing live theatre in a virtual world at the Mercury Theatre.

Music Producer: Jamie Pascoe
Jamie is a music producer from Colchester, started out making music in my bedroom, to now producing creative and professional tracks and wanting to expand by creating unique and fun visual and audio experiences.

Performed by Amber Jarman-Crainey
Amber Jarman-Crainey, performer and choreographer based in London, UK. Amber has recently worked with Jasmin Vardimon Dance Company, James Wilton Dance, Katrina McPherson and M57. She has a passion for physical and immersive theatre, dance for camera and blending mixed media.

Twitter: @LimboTech_
Instagram: LimboTech_
Facebook: LimboTech

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Amber Jarman-Crainey
Amber Jarman-Crainey
Jamie Weston
Jamie Weston
Dave Norton
Dave Norton
Jamie Pascoe
Jamie Pascoe
Music Producer
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