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How safe are your secrets? You never know who’s watching…

Four seemingly unconnected people brought together by Anonymous. Forced to work together they must go to unthinkable lengths to try and hold their lives together. How far do you think they would go to keep their deepest secrets hidden? There’s not much time left to decide. How far would you push someone else to prove their worth? There’s not much time left to decide. It’s your choice. Play the game, or not. Anonymous is always watching. Will you play the game?

Join us for this thrilling live Zoom performance with interactive elements on Fri 21 Aug.


Kit Brenson
Kit Brenson
Ella Adams
Luke Heys
Luke Heys
Sam Walker/ Voiceovers
Veronika Vas
Veronika Vas
Robyn Madleigh
Charlotte Yates
Charlotte Yates
Chloe Hampton
"'I loved the cyber game, absolutely brilliant.'"
— E.K
"‘Compelling, Intelligent and fantastic use of the medium’"
— Adrian James
"'This is incredibly positive. What a creative lot! They all did a great job. Brilliantly executed. Bravos all round'"
— Simon Wegrzyn
"'Really strong and compelling with a good variation of visuals.'"
— Ainslie Masterton
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