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We’re excited to present two fantastic short films from local artists, available to view on this page from 5pm on Sun 23 Aug.

The Power to Act by Amy Gilbrook

Who is that inner beast caged in your cranium?

In a society focussed on happiness and success, the pressure is on. Over-stimulation and multiple calls to action can be overwhelming. Cultivating self-compassion and maintaining mental wellbeing can be neglected. Through poetry, dance and mixed media this short film explores overcoming inner turmoil and being able to look outward with hope and a sense of recognising one’s own power. It reflects the importance of reaching a place of ease within yourself and acknowledging the privilege and gifts you have, to make a difference in the world.

Night sky with moon

Amy Gilbrook is an actor, spoken word artist and writer. She will graduate from an MA in Acting at East 15 Acting school this year. Her medical background has shaped her understanding of the human condition. She has appeared in a number of short films including the award winning ‘Me, Documented’ written and directed by Caity Lougheed. Her debut solo stage show, Nutshells, incorporates theatre, spoken word poetry and song. It first hit the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2018 and is in development.

Facebook: agilbrook Twitter: @agilbrook Instagram: amygilbrook90

A Natural Chance by Andrea Lavio

Jack, who has OCD, enjoys playing the lottery. One day, he wins the jackpot. However, the winning ticket gets blown away in the forest. Jack has to face his fear of germs and dirtiness if he wants to retrieve the ticket.

Andrea Lavio is a Swiss Director and Actor. He trained as an actor at East 15 Acting School before studying traditional theatre forms in countries such as Indonesia, Japan, China and India. He has also been teaching Drama / facilitating Theatre Workshops in India, Kenya and South Africa.

He recently worked as a cameraman and editor at a television company in Switzerland before returning to East 15 to train as a Director.

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Amy Gilbrook
Amy Gilbrook
Power to Act
Andrea Lavio
Andrea Lavio
A Natural Chance
"A wee gem, a heady mix of dazzling wordplay and food for thought. A treasure situated somewhere over the rainbow."
— For The Power To Act
"Part of the Official Selection for the short-fil festival 'Printemps Carougeois' in 2019 (Switzerland)"
— For A Natural Chance
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