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Click the thumbnail above to experience Wavelength – don’t forget your headphones!

It seems like going to the theatre is a distant memory for all of us. Whether you are on stage or in the auditorium, you just can’t beat the pre show buzz. We have been waiting for the Theatre doors to open for long enough… so wait no more.

Lo-Fi Theatre, a brand new theatre company born out of Colchester, will be bringing the theatre to you.

We won’t be able to punch your ticket, usher you to your seats or provide you with a pre-show tipple, but what we will do is build the story around you. All from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a set of headphones.

Lo-Fi Theatre presents: Wavelength. A brand new, one person Zoom production using binaural sound which emulates a sphere of audio around the listeners head. Wavelength will plunge the audience beneath the glass of their screen and into the world of our protagonist. Tackling themes such as friendship and loneliness, our story will follow a young man’s journey into adulthood and how he grapples with the ever changing world that surrounds him.

Taking influence from Complicite’s The Encounter, our solo performer will share the stage with one other entity, a binaural microphone. Using this technology we will be giving the actor the power to create the performance space and manipulate the world around you, the audience member, allowing for an untethered freedom of perspective. You will be transported along the corridors and through new doors alongside our protagonist, as if you were there in person.

At Lo-fi, we pride ourselves on our experimental nature. Constantly looking for new angles of Headphone Theatre to excite and entice new audiences to an evolving form of digital theatre. Wavelength is our first experiment, and we are excited to share it with anyone with a pair of headphones on.

Lo-Fi Theatre

Together Ciaran and Finn form Lo-Fi Theatre, a new digital theatre company specialising in Headphone Theatre. Emerging from the University of Essex, the pair have been creating bodies of work together for the last five years. Collaborating on original productions such as Finn Todd’s Boy Blue (2017) and Surprise Birthday Party (2018) as well as Ciaran’s production Doctor Faustus (2018) to name a few. Whilst Finn provides the expertise on all things Headphone Theatre, Ciaran is a well versed and encapsulating performer. Together they form a new and exciting partnership under the name Lo-Fi Theatre. Our aim is to bring Headphone Theatre in its many forms to the attention of all who want to listen.

Twitter: @finntodd17
Instagram: @seeforde

Ciaran Forde
Ciaran Forde
Finn Todd
Finn Todd
Sound artist/Technician/Writer
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