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The Bone Sparrow - a photo of a young man looking out to the distance, behind him is a yellow background, with a black cloud (like a thought bubble) with illustrations inside it, on the bottom right is Pilot Theatre's logo
The Bone Sparrow
Presented by Pilot Theatre in co-production with York Theatre Royal, Belgrade Theatre Coventry, Mercury Theatre Colchester and Derby Theatre

Showing: Sat 02 Apr 2022

An adaptation of the novel by Zana Fraillon by award-winning playwright S. Shakthidharan. Subhi is a refugee. Born in an Australian permanent detention centre...

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Commemoration – Remembering and Celebrating the Loves, Lives and Losses of the Last Two Years

Showing: Sat 26 Mar 2022

Commemoration – Remembering and Celebrating the Loves, Lives and Losses of the Last Two Years Commemoration – Remembering and Celebrating the Loves, Lives...

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Drag Workshops

Showing: Sat 19 Mar 2022

Here’s your chance to join a fun and fabulous workshop led by professional drag and performance artists, Dan Deller-Thompson (Drag Queen) and Lisa Warnock...

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Blackmail - a black and white image of a woman walking through the Thames, in the background is a smoky London skyline, she wears a red dress - the only part of the image that's coloured.
A Mercury Production, directed by Anthony Banks and produced in association with Simon Friend Entertainment

Showing: Sat 19 Mar 2022

By Charles Bennett in a new version by Mark Ravenhill I find myself the third corner in this unusual triangle. The only person in London who is in a position...

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Terror in the Old Library

Showing: Sat 12 Mar 2022

Following their Autumn East Anglian tour, Colchester’s Packing Shed are back home with a new terrifying tale for the spooking season. An out of work...

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When the Long Trick’s Over

Showing: Sat 05 Mar 2022

I’m so scared. And yet…I’m also looking…just in case I see her…even though by now there wouldn’t be that much to see… Two sisters. One dream. The...

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Arts and Cultural Fund Launch Logo appears, the letters coloured artistically in different patterns and
The Arts and Cultural Fund Virtual Event by Essex County Council

Showing: Mon 28 Feb 2022

This is a virtual event Please view at the following link: The Essex County Council Arts and Cultural Fund – Launch Event – YouTube   The Mercury...

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Human Nurture

Showing: Sat 26 Feb 2022

“I don’t agree with everything they say, but we do have a lot in common nowadays; anyway, I can’t be racist my best friend is Black.” Roger and...

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The Best of Fleetwood Mac The band stand behind a neon orange ring with the show's title.
The Best of Fleetwood Mac

Showing: Sat 26 Feb 2022

One of the UK’s top, and some say most authentic, Fleetwood Mac Tribute Shows. UK Fleetwood Mac are a high-calibre, professional and polished band...

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Viva Burlesque

Showing: Fri 25 Feb 2022

A ‘SIN’tillating, sultry and side-splitting cabaret. Naughty & new for 2022, this smouldering production features acts from four of the UK’s top...

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The Best of British Comedy the logo appears above the British flag with the words A Comedy Extravaganza
The Best of British Comedy

Showing: Thu 24 Feb 2022

PIE Entertainment are one of the leading bespoke comedy suppliers in the UK and bring this comedy spectacular to the Mercury Theatre! Non-stop laughter with...

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Ladykiller - a photo of a woman in a maid's costume with a surprised look on her face and she is covered in blood spatter

Showing: Wed 23 Feb 2022

A hotel room, a chambermaid and a dead woman: it’s not what it looks like, really, it’s not. It was self-defence…and anyway the woman was asking for...

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