Programme for ‘Misery’

Title: Programme for ‘Misery’
Production: Misery
Year: 2001 - 2001
Location: Main auditorium

Produced by Thomas S Baxter in association with the Mercury Theatre, Colchester by arrangement with Samuel French Ltd
Cast: Paul Sheldon, Leslie Grantham, Annie Wilkes, Sandra Maitland.
Creative: Nigel West (Director); Douglas Heap (Designer); Rick Clarke (Sound Design); Thomas S Baxter (Producer); Simon Moore (Writer); Mark Doubleday (Lighting Design); Robert Scott (Composer of original music); jan Johnson (Company Manager); Jen Elfvenson (Deputy Stage Manager); Gilles Addison, Elaine Bunne (Assistant Stage Managers); Laura Stanfield (Costume Supervisor); Philip Lee (Tour Marketing and Press); Chris Magil (Promotions)

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