Programme for ‘Souterrain’ by Bill Mitchell

Title: Programme for ‘Souterrain’ by Bill Mitchell
Production: Souterrain
Year: 2006 - 2006

Wildworks, Mercury Theatre, Firstsite and Insite
Cast: Anna Lindgren, Paul Portelli, David Greeves, Alhoucin Djahra, Roger Delves-Broughton, Nicola Rosewarne, Steve Jacobs, Samuel Gardes, Heidi Dorschler.
Creative: Bill Mitchell (Author and Director); Nicola Rosewarne (Co-Director); Sue Hill (Designer and Company Manager); Colin Seddon (Composer and Musical Director); Adrian Freedman (Composer); Mercedes Kemp (Writer, Researcher); Simon (Pigsy) Hayward (Production Manager); Tony Simpson (Lighting Designer); Myriddin Wannell (Assistant Director, Assistant Designer); Helen Bunt (Administration); Rachel Springett (Production Assistant).
Also: Outreach Team, Company Musicians, Design-Making Team, Essex Band, Community Choir, Essex Artists and Performers, Filming.

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