Programme for ‘The Fifteen Streets’ by Catherine Cookson

Title: Programme for ‘The Fifteen Streets’ by Catherine Cookson
Production: The Fifteen Streets
Year: 1992 - 1992
Location: Main auditorium

Cast: Daniel O’Brien, Peter Porteous Helen Fraser, Pamela Lane, Joan Davies, Jacquie Toye, Tiffany Campbell Welch, Harriet Smith, Sarah Chillingworth, Rebecca Simmonds, Ryan Weir, Joe Carter, James Allen, Susan Gott, John Pennington, Sarah Prince, Alex Pardy, Colin Guthrie, Sarah Carpenter, Brian Tully, David Goudge, Patanne Fairfoot, Donald Walker, Emma Compton, Ayla Karol, Tom Lissimore, Maria Long, Lisa Miller, Jake Ritzema, Matthew Roberts, Kieran Snell, Koren Bethell, Daniel Booth, Lucy Brenchley, Oliver Bryan, Alex Debenham, Robin Guthrie, Nancy Jackson, Jenny Laurie
Play adapted by Rob Bettinson. Directed by Michael Winter & Graham Watts.

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