Programme for ‘The Ghost Train’ by Arnold Ridley

Title: Programme for ‘The Ghost Train’ by Arnold Ridley
Production: The Ghost Train
Year: 2007 - 2007
Location: Main auditorium

Ian Dickens Productions
Cast: Victor Spinetti, David Callister, Zoe Springbett, Nick Ash, Julie Buckfield, Katie Evans, Jeffrey Holland, Georgina Sutton, Graham James, Geoffrey Davies, Simon Robinson.
Creative: Ian Dickens (Director and Producer); David North (Lighting Design); Wellington Productions (Set Construction); Alan Miller-Bunford (Set Painting); Lindsey Bradford (Costumes); Caroline Burnett (Company Stage Manager); Ian Marston (Technical Stage Manager); Zoe Springbett, Simon Robinson (Acting Assistant Stage Managers); Natasha Morley (Assistant Stage Manager); Graham James, Simon Robinson, Natasha Morley (Understudies)

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