Studio programmes

Title: Studio programmes
Year: 2009 - 2009
Location: Studio

The Lifesavers’ by Fraser Grace. A Mercury Theatre & Theatre 503 production. Cast: Keith Bartlett, Laurence Mitchell, Gina Isaac, Edward Hughes, Rupert Simonian, Jacqueline King. Creatives: Paul Robinson, Helen Goddard, Emma Chapman, Richard Hammarton, Ellie Waugh, Hanna Wolf, Rebecca Maltby, Eve Collins, Russell Aldersson, Mary-Jayne Russell de Clifford, Philip D’Orleans, Annelie Powell, Sheila Burnett, Suzanna Rosenthal

‘Through the Leaves’ by Franz Xaver Kroetz. A Mercury Theatre Company Production
Cast: Dee Evans, Marshall Griffin. Creative: Tony Casement (Director), Rhiannon Howell (Designer), Emily Holmden (Lighting Designer), Jonny Corke (Sound Designer), Amy Vaughan-Spencer (Deputy Stage Manager)

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