Networking Training – Fern Potter

Networking is an essential part of relationship building and business development. Knowing how to start and maintain conversations, develop rapport, and connect with new people is a skill that can be learned and built upon.

If you ever felt yourself standing on the side-lines looking out at a sea of unknown faces, not knowing where to begin, or how to join a group or individual, and get beyond the small talk of, “What do you do?”, or the weather, this session is for you.

During this one-hour introductory session, you’ll learn more about how to network successfully, using your core body language signals to help to build rapport and connect with other people. You’ll also gain knowledge on how to start and maintain meaningful conversations, how to join and leave groups with ease, how to change your impact so others feel comfortable talking to you, and how to nurture good business relationships to sustain your network of useful contacts, using business cards and social media.

Fern Potter

Fern’s expertise is in fundraising and development, having raised millions for various arts organisations, over more than 20 years, most recently as Development Director for Birmingham Royal Ballet. She is passionate about sharing her expertise with others through freelance training and consulting and currently mentors for the Chartered Institute of Fundraisers’ RAISE programme and Mercury Creatives. She is a regular trainer for Arts Funding and Philanthropy programme, and lecturer in fundraising for City, University of London’s MA Culture, Policy, and Management. Along being Chair of Viviana Durante Company, she sits on Creative Estuary’s Commissioning Group. Fern holds a MA in Arts Management from City University and is a full member of the Chartered Institute of Fundraisers.

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