School Workshops

We offer a wide range of workshops and events for young people from Key Stage 1 right through to Undergraduate level.

Our workshops offer practical opportunities to inspire creativity in young people and their teachers, using techniques from our rehearsal rooms to help develop an individual’s productivity and innovation.

To book for any of these workshops please contact our Creative Engagement team at

Available Workshops

Mercury Going Up! Workshop

Our day-long Going UP! workshop is designed to support children’s mental health and wellbeing as they transition from primary to secondary school.

It celebrates their time at their primary school, champions the fresh opportunities that transition brings them and explores ways of overcoming any challenges they might face during this time.

During this workshop participants will review what they’ve achieved at primary school and identify what excites them about secondary school.

Our Mercury teaching artists will use a range of drama activities to support participants in expressing all of their thoughts and feelings through creative writing and performance.

This workshop is perfect for developing teamwork, self-reflection and creative writing skills.

Focus: Literacy, Drama, PSHE, Wellbeing
For: KS1 – KS3
Capacity: 30 per group (Dependent on size of space and social distancing)
Length: 1 School Day
Cost: £400.00

Going UP! can also be expanded and delivered over six more detailed two hour sessions – with three sessions taking place in the primary school and three taking place in secondary, acting as a bridge for participants.

This workshop can also be adapted for parents, teachers and students with SEND.

Mercury Wellbeing

Supporting mental health through creative play.

This 2 hour Wellbeing Workshop provides students with the opportunity to develop growth and positive change through mindfulness and creative physical activities.

Using drama skills and techniques students are invited to develop their emotions and behaviours in a way that initiates change and builds their problem-solving skills.

We’ll provide a safe and welcoming space for students to actively express themselves through verbal and non-verbal drama games. Students will have the opportunity to act in new ways and gain new insights about themselves.

Students will be invited to document their reflections through face to face feedback and a post-session creative writing exercise. Teachers will be provided a Mercury Wellbeing Toolkit to sustain creative wellbeing at school.

This is a wonderful opportunity for young people to learn communication skills and practice handling their emotional and physical needs, such as processing anxiety.

All workshops will comply with government guidelines on social distancing and all staff will have received appropriate training.

Focus: PHSE, Wellbeing
For: KS1 – KS3
Cost: £350.00
Capacity: 30 per group
Location: School / Mercury Theatre

Mercury Wellbeing Programme

10-week course

Unleash your creative potential.

The Mercury Wellbeing Programme is a 10 week course specifically designed to enhance your students’ creative thinking, communication skills and self-esteem.

Using the key ideas associated with drama therapy, the Mercury’s teaching artists will lead participants through a series of ten one hour workshops designed to promote positive physical and mental wellbeing by exploring the following key themes:

  • Confidence and self-presence
  • Interaction and communication
  • Finding your voice
  • Knowing your body
  • Play and imagination

Each student will be provided with their very own Mercury journal that will be used to monitor progression and reflection throughout the course. Our practitioners will lead your students through fun and engaging techniques in voice, improvisation, physicality and creative play.

Focus: PHSE, Wellbeing
For: KS1 – KS3
Course: 10 weeks
Capacity: 30 per group
Cost: £75 per participant (Minimum fee of £1500)

This workshop is also available for students with SEND.

Play in a Day

Become a Playmaker for the day and treat your school to a unique theatre experience based on a story of your choosing.

Led by a Mercury teaching artist, this workshop gives students a first-hand experience of a rehearsal and performance process packed into one fun filled day!

Utilising drama games and activities that introduce your students to tried and tested storytelling techniques, the group will create an entire play, from concept to performance.

Each pupil will get a speaking part as a character or narrator and all participants will be actively involved in the creation of the story.

Play in a day is a workshop and performance opportunity for students from KS1 to KS3 and we are happy to tailor the story to fit you your curriculum needs.

This a great activity for students to creatively socialise and build their skills in ensemble, communication and performance techniques.

Focus: English / Storytelling / Literacy
For: KS2 & KS3
Duration: 1 full day // 5 hours
Location: School
Cost: £300 + VAT up to 30 students

This workshop is also available for students with SEND.

Literacy Through Drama

Bring your set text to life through creative drama!

Our Literacy Through Drama workshop offers a unique and sustained opportunity to bring literature to life for your English students in an exciting and creative way.

Through a series of inventive once a week workshops led by a Mercury teaching artist, this workshop introduces students to drama techniques that support literacy skills and encourage creative learning.

Collaborating closely with teachers, our creative programme is designed to embed creative learning throughout the term. Alongside drama and literacy skills pupils will develop their communication, co-operation and confidence, supporting wider learning.

Focus: History & English
For: Early Years, KS1 and KS2
Duration: Weekly 1 Hour sessions
Location: School
Capacity: Maximum of 30 students per group

  • Single Classroom Booking
    6 week: Half termly booking £510 + VAT
    12 week: Termly booking £1,020 + VAT

This workshop is also available for students with SEND.

An Audience with…

Characters in your classroom!

Interview a soldier from the WWI trenches or learn how to play knuckle bones with an ancient Greek! Led by an actor in role as a character from your chosen subject, this workshop immerses your students in the world they are studying and provides them with an enriching storytelling experience.

Focus: History & English *
For: KS2 & KS3
Duration: 1 Hour
Location: School

  • Single Classroom Booking £250 + VAT

*Can be applied to other subjects as well – e.g. An interview with Einstein for Physics

This workshop is also available for students with SEND.

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