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Thu 2 October 2014
Sat 18 October 2014
£25 – £10 & discounts
Mercury Main Theatre

In the words of Lady Macbeth, “screw your courage to the sticking-place” and witness one of Shakespeare’s most gripping tragedies.

Macbeth is the ultimate exploration of political ambition. Raw greed for power and the extraordinary lengths to which one couple will go to secure their place in history are brought chillingly to life at the Mercury this Autumn in a brand new production directed by the Mercury’s Artistic Director Daniel Buckroyd.

Cut through the pageantry and sweep aside the supernatural and what you’re left with is a terrifying picture of a world in which the future of a nation, indeed the very humanity of the man and woman at the heart of the unfolding political storm, hang on the fate of a single child. Will no one step forward to protect the innocent?

After all, what’s the point of winning power today only to lose it … tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow?

This production of Macbeth is a modern staging of the traditional text. Read more about Daniel’s interpretation of the text at Exeunt Magazine.

Read an interview with Nicholas Bailey, playing Macduff. Find out which part he played at school, and whether he can stop himself from saying those lines on stage!

Nicholas Bailey 1 1

Nicholas Bailey


Gareth Bennett Ryan HEADSHOT 1

Gareth Bennett-Ryan


Noa Bodner HEADSHOT 1

Noa Bodner


David Carr 1

David Carr

Young Seyward

Rachel Donovan HEADSHOT 1

Rachel Donovan

Witch 3

Esther Hall HEADSHOT 1

Esther Hall


Stuart Laing HEADSHOT 1

Stuart Laing


Simon Ludders HEADSHOT 1

Simon Ludders

Witch 2

Gary Mackay HEADSHOT 1

Gary Mackay


James Marlowe 1

James Marlowe

Lady Macbeth

Christopher Price HEADSHOT 1

Christopher Price


Georgina Sutton HEADSHOT 1

Georgina Sutton


Moray Treadwell HEADSHOT 1

Moray Treadwell


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No cast member image available


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No cast member image available

Witch 1

No cast member image available

Lady Macduff

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No cast member image available

Old Man

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