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The Mercury is an artistic powerhouse in the East – a vital, vibrant, welcoming centre of culture for the people of Colchester, Essex and beyond.

The theatre takes its name from the Roman messenger god, Mercury.

It was Mercury’s task to connect the people with the gods, and so, in keeping with our name, connection is at the heart of everything we do.

We connect through the live event, the shared experience. The award-winning theatre that we present electrifies, transforms and enriches the lives of our community. We reinvent old stories and conjure up bold, new ones. Stories that reach out and touch our audience, stories from fresh voices that demand to be heard, stories that enable us to see through the eyes of other people and identify and empathise with one another.

We connect with the diverse communities that surround us through our participation programmes, which celebrate creative potential by providing people with everyday opportunities to be artistic and innovative.

We connect with the theatre makers of tomorrow by seeking out our region’s boldest, most talented, theatrically-daring artists and providing them with the support and space to research, explore and test their ideas.

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We connect with national and international theatres as we receive their extraordinary work and share our own.

We connect with parents coffee and caking in our cafe bar whilst their toddlers enjoy morning story-time, we connect with seniors learning to Lindy Hop in our brand new dance studio, with school choirs singing their hearts out on the terrace, with families picnicking in the Roman Wall Garden, with professionals hot-desking in our office, with our young company rehearsing in the creative learning space.

We connect by putting inclusivity, accessibility and empowerment at the heart of everything we do.

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