Mercury Theatre turns to Spotify to promote new musical Pieces of String

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  • Mercury believed to be first UK regional theatre to advertise an original theatrical production on the popular music streaming service, which reaches 9m people in the UK
  • Adverts targeted at fans of musical theatre, achieving very strong click-through rates
  • Ads promote Gus Gowland’s new musical Pieces of String.

The Mercury Theatre has launched 15 and 30 second adverts on the Spotify music streaming service, taking advantage of a new service which launched to UK advertisers last month.

Spotify Ad Studio launched in mid-March, and allows organisations of all sizes to run targeted adverts which are then played to users of Spotify’s free music streaming app. Adverts can be targeted based on the music people listen to, their age, gender, location, and even mobile device.

The adverts, launched this week, promote the new musical Pieces of String by Gus Gowland, which was developed by Perfect Pitch and is co-produced by the Mercury Theatre Colchester and TBO productions.

Robin Cantrill-Fenwick, Deputy Executive Director of the Mercury Theatre said:

“With over 9 million active users in the UK, Spotify is bigger than Radio 1, and we believe we’re the first regional theatre to advertise an original theatrical production on this platform. The ability to promote our show to listeners of musicals in a tightly defined  geographic area is delivering great results. We’re seeing click through rates far above the norm – this is potentially a powerful platform for promoting new musical theatre to hard-to-reach audiences.”

Pieces of String is a new LGBT musical set simultaneously in the 1940s and in the present day. The show tells how Jane’s father, Edward, came back from the Second World War with a secret love that would change his life forever – a secret that he would carry until the day he died.

Pieces of String is designed by Linbury Prize winner, Fin Redshaw. The show opens on Friday 20th April, with press night on Friday 27th April

For more information, including performance times, prices and to purchase tickets, visit or call 01206 573948.

Notes to Editors

Current Spotify campaign for Pieces of String is achieving a 0.54% click through rate, vs an audio streaming average of 0.16%.

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