The Mercury goes International – see what our Spamalot team have been up to in South Korea!

Spamalot E3

Our Made in Colchester production of Spamalot has clip-clopped down to South Korea as part of the Daegu International Musical Festival with laker girls and killer bunnies in tow!

Nathan Hamilton, Joey Hawken, Kiaran-Lee Kesby, Emily Louise Palmer and Abbie Pillet (members of our technical and production team) made their way to South Korea on Friday 16th June along with technical swing Graeme Pugh and lighting designer David Kidd. After a hefty 23 hour journey from Colchester they have settled in and started their Korean Spamalot adventure. They were joined by Spamalot director (and artistic director of the Mercury) Daniel Buckroyd, musical director Carlton Edwards and the Spam-tastic cast on Monday.

Spamalot runs at the Daegu Opera House from 23-25 Jun – if you happen to be in the area, you can purchase tickets here!

Here is their story (so far!) in pictures…

Days 1-4

Day 5 – The crew continue to dry tech and the cast go sight-seeing!

Days 6-7

Day 8-9

We are delighted to say that our cast and crew are now safely home after their epic adventure, and we wish Sell a Door and the cast all the best with the upcoming UK tour!

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