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    Adopt A Seat

    5 Apr 2021
      Seating in the auditorium

      We can’t promise your name in lights, but the next best thing is to adopt a seat in our main auditorium for £475!

      Mercury Rising is an exciting project that will modernise and transform our much-loved theatre, safeguarding its future for the whole community. Our planned improvements include:

      • Transforming the foyer so it’s a bigger, lighter space which is open all day
      • Redeveloping the main auditorium with extra seats
      • Making all areas fully accessible for the first time
      • Creating a new café where you can work and meet friends
      • Building completely new rehearsal and community spaces equipped to support the best new talent
      • Revamping and extending our backstage facilities so we can make even better theatre

      You can support Mercury Rising by adopting one of the more than 400 seats in our auditorium!

      The adopted seat will be yours for ten years.

      Your name or dedication will appear on a plaque on your adopted seat.

      You’ll also receive a certificate of thanks, and your name will be featured on a special piece of artwork in our redeveloped foyer.

      Adopting a seat online

      Your seat adoption works just like buying a seat for a show – when you’re finished, rather than post you tickets we will post you your seat adoption pack!

      Adopt A Seat - Single Payment


      Adopt A Seat - £20 instalments

      More information and assistance

      If you would prefer to speak to a member of the team to complete your seat adoption, please call 01206 573948 or email

      Seats are subject to availability.
      Seat naming is for 10 years. Plaques will appear on seats from early December 2017.
      Naming a seat doesn’t guarantee that your chosen seat will be exclusively available to you when purchasing a ticket for a show.
      Please note that a few seats may be removed for some shows, depending on seat configuration.
      When adopting a seat online, please include (when prompted) the dedication that you want on your plaque (guidance on the left hand side of this page).
      Mercury Main Theatre

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