Mercury Creatives – Telling our story

Join the campaign to tell our story!

We’re delighted you are a Mercury Creative and the exciting stories emerging from our creatives experiences so far. We want to share the story of all of our creatives and their journey through this time together with us… and we need your help. To celebrate our full three cohorts on to the programme we would have loved to mark the occasion with a group photograph of all of our participants. We know that isn’t possible right now, so we have an exciting alternative to share the stories of you, your businesses, your progress and we need your help please!

Now you are one of us, let’s tell your story:

  • We want to create a mural of all of the creatives photographs
  • Simply complete the form below and tell us what being a Mercury Creative has meant to you
  • and submit your photographs to be part of our bigger picture
  • Please send us a head and shoulders shot on a plain background (see Josephs example below) and we will look forward to including you!
  • Smiling is allowed and encouraged!!

Help us tell your Creatives story

“I am having the time of my life. The programme could not have come at a better time for me in terms of my career and during lockdown. My mentor has been phenomenal in supporting my development and guiding my career and helping me achieve small and big goals. It’s also helping me re-evaluate and refine my practice for the better. The fact that it is such a luxury and privilege to be a part of the Mercury Creatives programme doesn’t escape me for a second.”

Scott Hurran – Mercury Creative – 2020/2021

Be part of the story, and submit your testimonial of your experience so far and your photograph, and be part of our group shot:

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