Studio programmes

Title: Studio programmes
Year: 1999 - 1999
Location: Studio

Kiss of the Spider Woman’ by Manuel Puig (translated by Allan Baker), Cast: Tony Casement, Peter Shorey, Kevin West, Creative: Adrian Stokes (Director), Clare Birks (Costume Design), Neville Milsom (Lighting), Ben Turner (Sound)
‘The woman who cooked her husband’ by Debbie Isitt. Cast: Sallie Mills, Susan Evans, Jeremy Spriggs, Creative: Wendy Smith, Sarah Green, Neville Milsom, Heidi Mussett, John Moore, Roger Lewis, Hamish Everitt, Costume Call, Rosie Forth, Sara Green, Bridget Standford, Joy Stanford, Jason Cattrell, John Colvin, Katrina Trowles, Patsy Page, Rebecca Irani, Dave King, Wendy Smith, Barber Jackson, Gwasg Eryri (Snowdonia Press), Mid Essex Printers

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