Mercury Creatives

What is Mercury Creatives?

Mercury Creatives is a free business support and mentoring programme for creative businesses and arts freelancers working in the performing arts across Essex, East Sussex, Kent and Suffolk.

Support offered during project:

  • Diagnostic Needs Assessment (DNA) process designed to identify strengths, weaknesses and growth potential.
  • Business Growth Plans (BGP) for each practice to establish ‘business growth goals’ and the milestones to achieving them.
  • 24 hours of mentoring; partnering with established creative sector industry leaders. Mentors will provide tailored advice and guidance in terms of business and product/service development, but also assist with new networks.
  • Business Showcase Events providing an opportunity for businesses to pitch for investment, profile a new product or service or simply promote your business offer. For example a new schools workshop, costume or play.
  • Peer to Peer Networking to create new products and jobs. These will bring in established creative sector entrepreneurs from across the region and nationally to focus on knowledge transfer and networking opportunities.
  • Upskilling Events to develop your business knowledge. For example on selling, marketing, intellectual property and fundraising.

As part of the theatre’s Mercury Rising project, a flexible work space designed to enable collaboration will form part of the new shared office. 15 of the Mercury Creatives will have the opportunity to apply for access to the work space in the new Mercury Theatre at reduced rates.

Don’t just take our word for it:

“I am having the time of my life. The programme could not have come at a better time for me in terms of my career and during lockdown. My mentor has been phenomenal in supporting my development and guiding my career and helping me achieve small and big goals. It’s also helping me re-evaluate and refine my practice for the better. The fact that it is such a luxury and privilege to be a part of the Mercury Creatives programme doesn’t escape me for a second.”

Scott Hurran – Mercury Creative – 2020/2021

Case Studies

How do I apply?

Applications for Mercury Creatives are now closed.
Email us for more information on the programme

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