• Friend or Foe

    Friend or Foe

    By Michael Morpurgo

    A thrilling and heartwarming tale of extraordinary friendship from master storyteller Michael Morpurgo, the author of War Horse.
  • Merry It Was To Laugh There

    Merry It Was To Laugh There

    a newly devised, poignant evocation of World War 1 through poetry, music and imagery starring Christine Absalom and Tim Freeman.
  • Grease


    Award winning CO2 are proud to be celebrating their 30th anniversary year with the production where it all started, Grease!
  • Macbeth


    By William Shakespeare

    When the fate of a kingdom rests on the fate of a child.
  • Joe Brown

    Joe Brown

    an evening of timeless classics, rockabilly, gospel, country, folk, and rock ‘n’ roll, all interwoven with Joe’s effervescent delivery and humorous reminiscences this sensational show is a musical journey not to be missed!