Meet our Contemporary Crafters!

We are excited to announce our new collection of crafts, and reveal more about the artists. Everything is now on display at the theatre and available to buy just in time for Christmas.

In our recent call-out for local artists and crafters, we were looking to partner with people to provide a collection of beautiful, bespoke, handmade items to be sold in the Mercury Gift Shop that not only reflects their artistic vision, but are also sustainable, ethically-made, and unique.

Tina Bullen

Local artist Tina Bullen has created a wonderful bespoke collection especially for the Mercury called Woodland Poetry, which celebrates the beauty of nearby Highwoods Country Park. These are available now as greetings cards.

The collection consists mainly of original drawings, with the theme lending itself to images such as trees, pathways, crows, murmurations, and original poetry written by the artist, all rendered in ink marker or biro. She also does full-size paintings, but unfortunately we are only able to display the cards. However, if you like her work and think you might be interested in some of the bigger pieces we can put you in touch.

Laura Harvey 

Laura has been potting for three years, and she has a very strong affinity with the local natural environment and wildlife. Living on the bank of the River Colne in Essex, she makes small batches of ceramics in her garden using a mixture of porcelain, stoneware, earthenware and harvested local wild clay to make unique ceramics that are functional and beautiful.
The earthy colour pallet reflects the local river and the natural environment of classic Essex marshes. Sustainability is at the heart of all my work to ensure that the processes used have a light touch on the earth. Clay scraps are recycled, water is reused and local plants are used to decorate the ceramics. Wild clay harvested locally is slowly processed and thrown to make plant pots, vases and candlestick holders, creating beautiful permanent objects of symmetry from the Essex mud.
bird plate

Diane Levitt 

Diane has been making jewellery for over 37 years. and holds a certificate of Merit from the British Jewellers Association and an award from the Goldsmiths Company.
In the last few years sustainability and recycling have become a concern for Diane, and making jewellery that is eco-friendly has been a natural step forward and she is inspired by nature, through the choice of materials and subject influences. All the work is handmade using a range of skills and styles, and using recycled silver and gold and upcycled stones in a chemical free workshop. Part of her collection even includes a beautiful ring of Colchester’s skyline, and an exclusive Mercury pin, using our iconic M logo!
skyline of colc

If you want to explore the full range of crafts or purchase any items, you can come along to the theatre and find the items in our Box Office displays. This is your perfect opportunity to come and look for the perfect Christmas gift, whilst also supporting local artists.

If you think you have something special that would fit in with our theatre, you can apply anytime here:

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